The new Sky-Frame system with the flush-fitted transition is the first of its kind – innovative materials and workmanship mean it is so well insulated that it can also be installed in regions of extreme cold.

Sky-Frame expands its range and introduces the new Plain option for Sky-Frame 3. The system completely dissolves the boundaries between inside and outside thanks to the hidden transition that is flush-fitted with the floor. Consistent thermal insulation is ensured by triple-glazed elements and state-of-the-art insulation materials. As a result, Sky-Frame Plain – a huge expanse of glass – can also be used in regions that experience extreme cold across the world from Northern Europe to Russia and the USA without compromising thermal insulation.

The sliding window glides over a narrow opening in the floor. The space between these tracks is covered by the same flooring as the interior of the room, which reinforces the feeling of a free-flowing transition between indoors and outdoors. As soon as the windows are open, this seamless transition becomes a pleasing experience. A single, 13-millimetre narrow floor gap per track meets the highest standards in design for builders and architects.

A market revolution
‘With Sky-Frame Plain, we have achieved a real breakthrough, delivering a striking visual design and combining it with full thermal insulation. We can meet the requirements of our customers for seamlessness thanks to the insulated version of Sky-Frame Plain. We are pleased to offer a further product to make lifestyle dreams come true,’ explains Beat Guhl, CEO and owner of Sky-Frame.

Easy to maintain and clean
Thanks to the innovative system design, it is easy to maintain and clean even once it has been installed. A universal cleaning attachment included with the product makes cleaning the floor gap a simple and easy task.

Sky-Frame Plain is available with the usual features such as insect protection, burglary protection and electric drive. The window sizes range from an impressive 2.3 metres in width to 4 metres in height.

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