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Step change: Ruckstuhl

Katharina Sommer


The Swiss carpet manufacturer RUCKSTUHL breathes new life into their durable Rollerwool collection, thanks to Trigon, the new triangular carpet tile that enables a wide variety of colour and pattern combinations.

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Alfredo Häberli: Special Guest at DOMOTEX



DOMOTEX's special guest, Alfredo Häberli, takes a sensitive, straightforward approach to his work, constantly striving for a truly elegant twist.

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Material Tendencies: Alfredo Häberli

Anita Hackethal


Born in Buenos Aires, industrial designer Alfredo Häberli found his home in Zürich, where he has been running his own studio for over 25 years.

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Material Tendencies: Arik Levy

Anita Hackethal


Constantly creating, Paris-based designer and artist Arik Levy says that he ‘thinks with his heart and feels with his brain’.

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Patricia Urquiola e atelier oï per la Edition Ruckstuhl ...



Nella Edition Ruckstuhl 2013 confluiscono progetti di diversi designer stimati a livello internazionale. Dopo la partenza entusiastica all'ultimo Designers' Saturday di Langenthal e il fortunato lancio sul mercato dei lavori di Hussein Chalayan o

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Novartis Campus



Ruckstuhl is pleased to announce the successful usage of multiple Ruckstuhl carpets within the Novartis Campus in Basel, Switzerland

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