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Let’s split up: multi-structure hotel experiences

James Wormald


By separating function from facility, these four nature tourism experiences with detached structures encourage vacationers to get out of their hotel rooms and see the sites.

Smarter pods for a smarter office

Brand story

James Wormald


New smart work pods mark a digital evolution for hybrid offices.

Top ten: curated bathrooms with wood surfaces

James Wormald


These carefully crafted bathrooms, restrooms, powder rooms and en-suites employ the natural colour and texture of wood to fill the facilities with warmth.

Sustainable bamboo installations that aren’t built to last

James Wormald


These temporary pavilions, installations and public spaces use the speed, strength and structural capacity of bamboo to ensure they’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Top ten: curated offices with light-giving atriums

James Wormald


These specially selected office spaces bring employees together across expansive workplaces, aiding communication, collaboration and mental health.

Layer up: multi-purpose buildings with multi-layered facade ...

James Wormald


These recent projects use open and layered facades to protect themselves while wearing history and purpose on their sleeves. Featuring c+d Design Center, allmannwappner, PAU – Practice for Architecture and Urbanism and Wutopia Lab.

Boxed in: rectilinear architecture gets back its edge

James Wormald


These four square-edged homes and residential projects prove boxy doesn’t have to mean boring with unique and characterful takes on geometricised architecture. Featuring one-aftr, QBO3 Arquitectos, Plan:b arquitectos and WE-S architecten.

Tread lightly: shoe stores with brand-focused lighting ...

James Wormald


With lighting as bold as their architectural concepts, these fashion-led sneaker stores run away from convention. Featuring SAKUMEISHIMA, NiiiZ Design Lab, Various Associates and Studio Animal.

End of Year Team Picks: the architecture and design stories ...

James Wormald


In this special edition of Team Picks, we showcase the must-see projects and articles you may have missed in 2023. Featuring projects that de-urbanise the city, a treetop walk that urbanises nature and a therapeutic chair to sit back and enjoy it

Architonic stories of the year 2023: Products

James Wormald


A retrospective collation of the most popular product-referencing stories from Architonic’s magazine section. Featuring doorways, coffee tables, electric alternatives, terrazzo and cork.

Architonic stories of the year 2023: Projects

James Wormald


These most popular project-referencing stories from Architonic’s magazine feature micro-offices, playful bathrooms and nature-set spas as well as examples of how to successfully create facade-inspired surfaces and timeless interiors.

Quiet please: worldwide libraries that speak up for their ...

Brand story

James Wormald


These libraries-turned-community centres quietly go about their business, revitalising community action from East to West. Featuring Schwartz/Silver Architects, Yemail Arquitectura, 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio and KOKUYO

Architonic projects of the year 2023: Commercial

James Wormald


Our annual review of the most popular commercial buildings and spaces in Architonic’s project database. Featuring weStudio, EFFEKT, Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture, KAAN Architecten and Studiolada Architectes.

Architonic projects of the year 2023: Residential

James Wormald


Our annual review of the most popular new living spaces in Architonic’s project database. Featuring Child Studio, Plus One Architects, Luke Moloney Architecture, Objektor Architekti and AKZ Architectura.

Let it glow: diffused table lamps that cosify the dark

James Wormald


With soft, ambient lighting positioned in the corners of a room, the diffused and patterned glow from these selected table lamps brings the cosy warmth we need for winter hibernation.

How to design a hardworking kitchen island

James Wormald


Levelling up storage, counter space and social interaction in the open-plan, the multi-functional kitchen island performs many roles in the modern home.

The complex evolution of the iconic egg chair

James Wormald


The simple elliptical form of an egg – and its cosy interior – has inspired designers such as Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobsen and Eero Aarnio to create some of the most iconic chairs of the past century.

Think pink: a brief history of the trending designer colour

James Wormald


More than just bubblegum and Barbiecore, the rise of pink as a serious colour for designer interiors and surfaces has been on the (swatch) cards for years. These example projects and products explain.

Eight storage features to keep wardrobes and closets ...

James Wormald


Taking the stress out of getting dressed, these helpful storage elements for wardrobes and walk-ins pull out, fold down and light up to enable easy organisation, putting the fun back into dressing up.

High-ambience restaurants illuminated with subtle lighting ...

James Wormald


These gentle but intelligent lighting arrangements bring comfort and relaxation to hospitality spaces, shutting away the outside world and helping guests focus on themselves and each other.

How to apply glass in interiors with these five types of ...

James Wormald


With sustainable materials and joyful colour palettes, this curated selection of artistically formed glass products and the unique interiors they serve is exactly what designers are looking for.

Ten functional shower control systems dripping with style

James Wormald


These high-performance yet fuss-free shower controls create intuitive one-stop-shop relaxation stations, boosting users’ hygiene and wellness in one.

Five glass-wrapped homes living life on the (water’s) edge

James Wormald


These water-adjacent homes of varying size use different architectural techniques to flood their interiors with the calming sights and sounds of lake and sea.

Seating collections that show inner strength with exposed ...

James Wormald


Either to show off their quality construction, for easy end-of-life disassembly, to increase their functionality or simply just for the aesthetic, these brave seating ranges bare all.

The importance of storage for functional bathroom basins

James Wormald


These recent examples of composed bathroom storage setups help their users create the luxury bathroom look they want, whilst keeping their most personal secrets hidden.

Sauna escapes that warm up users with natural wellness

James Wormald


These four saunas combine natural locations and thermo-climatic architecture to lower stress levels by raising body temperature, all as part of a rounded wellness regime.

How the Adirondack chair got its name and restorative ...

James Wormald


Originally designed as a way to harness the healing power of nature, the features of Adirondack chairs are still used by furniture manufacturers and designers to encourage relaxation.

Micro-office spaces for the modern small business

James Wormald


Small businesses can keep overheads down by literally reducing the area above their head. These professional and productive micro-offices give companies the opportunity for growth.

How to reach high-level functionality with interior ladder ...

James Wormald


By simplifying users’ access to high-level storage and additional mezzanine levels, safe and comfortable interior ladder systems multiply the amount of usable space around the home.

London Design Festival 2023 predicts the future of ...

James Wormald


At the London Design Fair, Material Matters and other exhibitions and installations across the city, designers, architects, engineers and other change makers reveal their latest work on sustainable materials.

Floral wallpaper prints fresh from the market

James Wormald


Whether used to cover feature walls, contrast walls or whole rooms, these floral wallpaper prints bring spaces to life with strong colour and texture palettes for natural, atmospheric designs.

Space-age product design of the 20th century and beyond

James Wormald


In the midst of a contemporary space race, we look into humanity’s obsession with space and the products – both past and present – inspired by the beauty we find when we look up.

The return of the office cafeteria means more social ...

James Wormald


As our workplaces shift focus from work to wellbeing, the lunch break is changing with them. Helping to improve relaxation, communication and creativity, the office canteen is on its way back.

What is bistro furniture? Five sets that exemplify the type

James Wormald


Eating outside is so in. From avoiding food wastage in the city streets to filling up modern patios, bistro furniture is spilling out of the bistro and into the home. Here’s how to work with it.

Interior surfaces inspired by their exterior facades

James Wormald


Continuing the merger of outdoor and indoor space in contemporary interiors, these projects match surfaces and materials inside and out, taking the lead from their own facades and further afield.

Women in Architecture: celebrating female-led practices by ...

James Wormald


Gender inequality in architecture restricts both creativity and talent, as well as human rights. These four female-led architecture practices re-balance the scales with their work, not their gender.

Ten homes with weird and wonderful custom-shaped windows

James Wormald


Transporting light and ventilation through a home, the benefits of windows are clear. But the shape of a home’s windows can also play an essential role in changing how we see it.

Low-light bathrooms that swaddle you with darkness

James Wormald


These dark and brooding bathrooms encourage relaxation by turning down the lights and the tones, to create atmospheric spaces that block out the world and shroud us in the comfort of darkness.

Seven key decisions when choosing a kitchen sink

James Wormald


Where most kitchen activities start and finish, the kitchen sink is imperative to a cohesive, effective and multifunctional kitchen. Here’s what to consider when choosing one.

Four bean-belt coffee shops that kick-start the day

James Wormald


Shortening the bean-to-cup journey, these cafés and coffee shops in major coffee-growing nations awaken their customers by celebrating and enhancing the drinking experience.

How to use vertical farming for sustainable living

James Wormald


By applying the agricultural practice of vertical farming to design, architects can take advantage of the natural world, to improve our most urban environments.

Six reasons wall lamps take light to the edge and back

James Wormald


Using wall lights to extend the reach of a room’s layered lighting scheme, designers can increase its size, look and usefulness by highlighting the parts we want to see, while keeping the rest in the dark.

Urban rewilding: the fight is on to retake green space

James Wormald


With the role of our cities changing, these green landscaping projects across Europe are bringing the natural world back home.

Energy solutions and appliances in the modern electric home

James Wormald


Homeowners targeting carbon neutrality by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels can simply turn off the gas. But is the alternative just an all-electric dream?

Five reasons countertop basins clean up a bathroom’s style

James Wormald


Adding a countertop basin is one of the simplest ways to instantly add a look of modernity to a new bathroom design. But the product category goes far beyond simply style.

Doors vs. alternatives: what's the best way to enter a ...

James Wormald


Doors have been the preferred method of moving around separated interiors for a long time, but are they still the best? Boasting more functionality and style, there are many other ways to enter a room.

Open-kitchen restaurants that put transparency on the menu

James Wormald


How can we trust what goes into our food if we can’t see it? These honest restaurants and bakeries prove the quality and freshness of their cooking by stepping out from behind the swinging kitchen door.

14 ways to maximise visual interest on a blank wall

James Wormald


Walls can often feel like they’re just in the way, blocking the freedom of the open plan. But these vertical canvases are far more useful than they seem. Here are all the decorative ways to fill them.

Nature-set wellness centres that restore and rejuvenate

James Wormald


Choice of location is paramount when it comes to creating serenity. These luxury wellness centres use the natural design of their surroundings to bring peace to our hectic lives.

How to make the most of summer with a decked-out balcony

James Wormald


With no private green space, it’s hard for high-rise apartments to achieve the wellness credentials we’ve come to expect in modern interiors. But a well-designed balcony can be all the garden you need.

Desert island digs: retreats and resorts with water, water ...

James Wormald


Nature brings peace, even when stranded on a desert island. On these small slices of paradise, everyday stresses are just distant memories, but does the idyllic life come at an environmental price?

Louis Poulsen PH5 pendant lamp: the history of the ...

James Wormald


Created by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, the story of the iconic PH5 pendant lamp is one of experimental science, and continues to guide both lighting and interior designers to this day.

14 rugs that really tie a room together

James Wormald


Rugs give us firm yet moveable walking surfaces, soft yet expansive seating and, as accessories, provide the creative injection our interiors need. Here are the deciding factors on rug choice.

Time to make a change: when adaptive reuse begets positive ...

James Wormald


By reminding us of the circularity of architecture, adaptive reuse allows old, forgotten follies to serve local communities, and rise from the ashes of their damaged past.

Split-level: mezzanine floors that reorganise the floorplan

James Wormald


Either by building a two-level structure inside a high space or by removing part of the floor, installing a mezzanine level involves architectural bravery and design nous, but can be worth it.

’tis the Season: outdoor seating that keeps its place – ...

James Wormald


With far more certainty than the average weather forecast, these all-climate outdoor seating solutions predict a sweeping front of comfort, whatever the weatherman says.

What is terrazzo and where do you find it?

James Wormald


Smooth like marble and durable like concrete, terrazzo’s crack-free surface and fully customisable pattern and colour options make it the sustainable material of the moment. Here’s how and where to use it.

When changes in flooring alter our spatial experience

James Wormald


The floors we stand, walk and arrange furniture on are a constant presence. By contrasting colour, texture and material we can improve the comfort, navigation and usability of our most in-contact surface.

Dome life: is the arched architecture of domes ...

James Wormald


Does the geodesic, parametric world of dome design represent a new era for ultra-efficient construction? Or is it just inflated nonsense? These five dome projects might be sitting on the answer.

Hidden stories from Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

James Wormald


The unheard tales from Clerkenwell’s cobbled streets represent the steep path of innovation in new materials, surfaces and technologies hitting the marketplace.

How to understand the baffling world of acoustic baffles

James Wormald


Our cacophonous public spaces are teeming with harsh noises. By exchanging flat ceilings for acoustic hung or panelled baffles, we can soften sounds to stop them from coming back again, and again.

White kitchens that leave their mark in changing Spanish ...

James Wormald


These white, light and bright Spanish kitchen renovations are effortlessly clean and simple, proving a lack of colour doesn’t have to mean a lack of flavour.

Nine ergonomic office products that work for you and your ...

James Wormald


The unavoidable effects of ageing, combined with rising retirement ages, make workplace ergonomics more important than ever. These supportive products help keep work environments physically healthy.

Here’s how to make the perfect breakout breakfast space at ...

James Wormald


It’s not the correct shade of toast, the right roasted bean or the freshness of the squeezed juice that makes the perfect breakfast. It’s where you choose to eat it.

The latest and greatest toilet innovations coming to a bowl ...

James Wormald


The time is now for a breakthrough in toilet technology. These latest sanitary innovations are set to clean up the WC’s act. We line them up against the wall.

Inner-city schools solving the problems of inner-city ...

James Wormald


With a lack of space to expand, these four inner-city schools with growing pains make light (and green) of their restricted urban environments.

Five ways to decorate charismatic bathrooms that wash you ...

James Wormald


These sanitary spaces play it far from safe with broad strokes, confident splashes and bursting pops of bold colour, but come away feeling fresh and fabulous.

Hillside homes: how to dig in for the long term

James Wormald


Five design tips for productive meeting spaces

James Wormald


Comfortable meeting spaces are more important than ever in the modern hybrid office. With many shapes, sizes and guises from private catch-up lounge to open-plan conference area, here’s how they work.

Life is temporary: outdoor installations that highlight the ...

James Wormald


Bookmarking the diameter of the planet, these temporary and longer-term installations serve to reference time by researching, recording, lengthening and improving our short-lived human existence.

Dining chairs for all interiors, occasions and personalities

James Wormald


These selected designer dining chairs provide elegant, comfortable, durable, wipeable and flexible table-side seating. Because mealtimes are only the beginning.

The growing advantages of green roofs: bringing buildings to ...

James Wormald


Once seen as a complex and costly solution, living roofs are now growing in popularity, bringing many environmental benefits to projects big and small.

How to keep the monsters away with night lights, and other ...

James Wormald


Night lights help children to feel safe in the darkness, but even as adults we can still fear what’s lurking in the shadows. As these night-time lighting solutions show, they’re not just for the kids.

A new player has entered the game: playful hospitality ...

James Wormald


More than just the styled decor and quirky cocktail names of a themed bar, these games-loving bars, cafés and restaurants appeal to both drinkers and non-drinkers by asking them out to play.

How to create luxurious and tactile contemporary interiors ...

James Wormald


Natural leather has a rich history in tradition and luxury, and is ever-present in both fashion and design. But with rising questions over the environmental impact of leather, what is its future?

Open call: when architecture uses open facades to make ...

James Wormald


These multi-purpose, residential, retail and cultural buildings use open and approachable facades to stay on speaking terms with the neighbours.

Switch it up: five light switch questions to help turn ...

James Wormald


Often taken for granted but never missed, the light switch is a small but important element of interior design. Here’s how to make the material and design choices that push all the right buttons.

The history of Portugal’s long relationship with ceramics, ...

James Wormald


With quality raw materials nearby, a temperate climate for creative freedom and decades of investment and innovation, Portuguese ceramics is world-renowned. This is its story, and its future.

13 examples of curved forms circling back into style

James Wormald


While straight lines and sharp edges often emerge as contemporary alternatives, the curved form is one designers and architects consistently return to. These facade and furniture examples identify why.

An architect’s guide to courting: social housing ...

James Wormald


Bringing communities together, well-connected and easy-to-maintain central courtyards are the multi-generational green spaces at the heart of these social housing projects.

Tap smarter not harder with innovative kitchen taps

James Wormald


Nine examples of contemporary designer kitchen taps that not only look the part but act it too, combining sleek design with hidden abilities and functionality.

Living hotels: six boutique stays designed to feel like home

James Wormald


These contemporary hotel rooms combine multifunctional spaces with individual decor and borrowed residential interior and exterior typologies, to transport guests back home, while they’re away.

Fresh outdoor-inspired bathroom experiences that soak the ...

James Wormald


These four bathrooms use natural materials, open-air surfaces and visual connections to ensure relaxing, spa-like experiences, inside and out. Featuring: Foomann Architects, Studio 126 Arquitetura, Replus Design Bureau and Bloot Architecture.

The evolved architecture and design of high-street finance ...

James Wormald


Retail bank branches have dwindled in the great digital evolution. But as these evolved branches prove, by focusing on comfort, personal service and human contact, physical finance can endure.

The value of sustainable construction certification

James Wormald


Sustainable certifications allow brands to parade their green credentials like celebrity endorsements. More than just marketing tools, however, they help to distinguish fact from greenwashing fiction.

Ceramic seating: ten examples of kiln-formed comfort outside ...

James Wormald


Not just for tiles and toilets, ceramic surfaces have sparkling, sculptural and hardwearing qualities that make them suitable to sit on and sit with, outside the kitchen and bathroom.

Hanging out: why hooks are the micro-storage heroes of the ...

James Wormald


With no floor space necessary, hooks take previously unused surfaces and transform them into simple, practical and sometimes even beautiful storage solutions.

Four ways to bring biophilia into the urban workspace

James Wormald


By connecting workspaces to the natural world around them, we improve wellness, focus and productivity. But when the surrounding environment has no natural world left, bring it to them instead. Featuring: CnT Architects, MIA Design Studio, Sid Lee

Can you handle this? Ten types of designer door handle

James Wormald


Essential not only for access, safety and security, door handles also play a crucial role in an interior’s aesthetic style and ergonomic comfort.

Put a cork in it: seven reasons to keep talking about cork

James Wormald


Not just for keeping wine in its place, cork is a truly circular and sustainable material that could be a solution to help keep humanity afloat, too.

Natural Mexican hotels with indigenous experiences

James Wormald


With culture-inspired architecture, scattered layouts and toned-down local materials, these serene Mexican hotels, resorts and guest houses offer luxurious realism.

Six essential questions when choosing the right shower ...

James Wormald


With a number of complementary components to combine, the shower enclosure is almost a room in itself. By asking these questions, shower designers can make sure everything fits together cleanly.

Eight creative material options for a kitchen backsplash

James Wormald


With a huge range of creative materials, colours and application techniques to choose from, the kitchen’s backsplash is a perfect way to add a little more flavour.

Transforming traditional architecture with atmospheric ...

James Wormald


These epically emotional historical environments utilise technology and innovative lighting design to enhance what’s already there, while preserving their influential architecture.

How to create a cosy winter-ready interior

James Wormald


As our personal energy use becomes an even hotter topic, here’s how to transform those hard-to-heat open-plan spaces into cosy hibernation nests until spring.

Will sustainability cause home fireplaces to burn out?

James Wormald


The great warmth and glow of a cosy home fireplace is one of winter’s greatest pleasures, but can burning fuel ever be part of a carbon-neutral future?

Curtain call: four flexible office spaces that use interior ...

James Wormald


These office interiors use partitioning curtains of varying colour, texture and transparency to draw flexible workspaces together, and keep them apart.

Top architecture and design trends for 2023

James Wormald


2022 was the year that life returned. Over the next 12 months, however, architects and designers will combine individuality and wellness with sustainability to create a ‘new and improved’ normal.

Architonic video interviews of the year 2022

Brand story

James Wormald


Here are the five most popular video interviews from Architonic’s Global Design Agenda series this year. Diving into some of the top creative minds and living to tell the tale.

Architonic articles of the year 2022

James Wormald


Here are the top five articles we’ve published over the past year, with everything from top projects to top products and how to use them.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Cultural

James Wormald


Providing patrons with music, art, history, technology and performance, these are the top five most popular new cultural projects of 2022.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Retail

James Wormald


Here are the five most popular new retail store openings worth queueing around the block for in 2022.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Education

James Wormald


What can the five most popular new education projects of 2022 teach us?

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Offices

James Wormald


Taking a look back at the most popular office buildings and interiors from the last year on Architonic.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Hospitality

James Wormald


Here’s a look back at the five most popular new hospitality spaces worth calling the babysitter for in 2022.

Imaginative bars that move us through time

James Wormald


Offering escapism from daily life, alcohol use can be a calming but perilous pastime. These four bars offer to take us on a journey through space and time, with or without the booze.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Residential

James Wormald


Taking a look back at the most popular residential buildings and interiors of the year on Architonic.

Cabins that reconnect humanity to the planet

James Wormald


Cabin life is more than just the uprising trend of cabincore interiors. These small-scale structures also bring us closer to our environments’ past.

Ten tableware items for successful dinner parties

James Wormald


Friend-winning dinner parties require an impressive menu and tabletop, but what really makes them sing is a relaxed atmosphere. Considerate tableware ensures both guests and hosts stay comfortable.

The science of acoustic design making auditorium ...

James Wormald


Large or small, enclosed or open-air, these concert hall auditoriums lock audiences into a welcoming world of sound with acoustic architecture and surface design.

How to make outdoor spaces more usable this winter

James Wormald


As the cold and the darkness creeps in, so do we, retreating indoors to hibernate until spring. But need we give up our new-found love of outdoor environments so easily?

The science of sitting: six rules for choosing a comfortable ...

James Wormald


Even the best-looking sofas can cause twisted spines and sore backs, ultimately making users dread sitting on them. Here’s how to keep the style, without the stiffness.

Integrated lighting for intuitive spaces

James Wormald


Dark spaces can get new life by hiding integrated lighting in the architecture, while on a smaller scale, hyperlocal integrated lights give interiors more usability and purpose.

Dutch Design Week presents the future of product design

James Wormald


Offering a vision of the future with changing needs and material availability, Dutch Design Week’s exhibiting designers present possible answers on how to create more, with less.

Full circle: highlighting Hungarian design at 360 Design ...

James Wormald


With many emerging and established Hungarian designers and manufacturers on show, 360 Design Budapest blends the country’s culture and crafts with technology, and puts environmental eyes on the future.

Preparation is everything: Dutch Design Week asks us to ...

James Wormald


As we stagger from one global crisis to the next, DDW gives reason to face the future with optimism, not fear, with creative and technological solutions from the fields of architecture and design.

You have to be there: retail spaces that buy into experience

James Wormald


Online, retailers can provide more choice, better service and a more comfortable showroom. What they lack, however, is occasion. These bricks-and-mortar stores make in-person shopping special again.

‘Thursday is the new Friday. If it wasn't already’: ...

James Wormald


Russell Potter of Soda Studio describes how workplaces are creating more engaging environments: ‘We've seen offices put in show kitchens and yoga studios.’ Watch the video for more…

'As designers, our job is to create reality': ...

James Wormald


Yorgo Lykouria of Rainlight Studio explains our need for more engaging office workplaces: ‘It's about the human engagement with these artefacts around us.’ Watch the video to hear more…

What makes a good desk light? Ten lamps with bright ...

James Wormald


Desks, whether in or out of office, in or out of hours, can be lonely places. When long, dark nights start to breach our working days, it’s good to have a desktop friend, to lighten the load.

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