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The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh/Scottland is one of the worldwide most famous botanic garden and a scientific and touristic attraction of Edinburgh.

For the construction of the new main entrance hall S|V|L was chosen as one of the main components for the wood/aluminium curtain wall facade as well as for the reception desks and other furniture.

Maybe the most challenging idea of Edward Cullinan Architects from London/UK was a self-supporting spiral staircase.
What began as a vision got constructed by the construction company Happold of London/UK and got build by the german joinery Heußlein from Billingshausen/Germany.

A master piece of imagination, engeneering and craftmanship!

If anybody want to know how to bend S|V|L please give us a call.

Architecture: Edward Cullinan Architects | London

Produits spécifiés

Produits spécifiés

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