Wall-mounted modular shelf with a visual twirl.

By laser-cutting and two simple folding actions, a three-dimensional product is created two-dimensional sheet material. The two folded surfaces (in opposite directions) cling to the wall and become the wall-mounted parts. The third area functions as the shelf space with a varying depth.
The play between foreground and background allows the user to decide which objects are brought into prominence.
TWIRL does not attempt to be an invisible shelf, on the contrary its character is dynamic and graphic with a clean and clear presence.

There are two ways of mounting TWIRL on the wall: By turning the shelf 180 degrees you can continue twirling on the wall.

Material: Aluminium, 3mm, pulverbeschichtet
Size: 1160x375x250mm
(self-production, colors, prices on request)

Design team:

Uli Budde