Beginning from the Tang dynasty A.D.618, Chinese blue and white porcelain became a cultural heritage for thousands of years. Its popularity continued even to this day for the signature elegant designs and artistic Chinese pigment patterned decoration. The imperial family and the wealthy showed their appreciation by collecting various exquisite pieces. Since the 15th century, Chinese blue and white porcelain was valued as an important cultural artifact of international trade, bridging east and west. The unparalleled beauty of Chinese blue and white porcelain crossed the border of Asia and Europe and became a renowned emissary of cultural exchange between east and west. Bearing the concept of crossing cultural boundaries, designers of the 21st century reinterpret the delicate traditional patterns with contemporary simplicity. Cobalt mosaic is a true homage to this exquisite elegance that has travelled through time along the Silk Road and be recognized as the ever-lasting treasure.

Material: Porcelain and Blue Decor
Available items:
Rice bowl: dia 110 x 64mmH
Rice bowl: dia 140 x 72mmH
Plate: dia 200 x 23mmH
Soup plate: 200 x 55mmH
Dinner plate: dia 280 x 23mmH
Cup: dia 90mm x 105mmH

In production with JIA Inc