It is important for us to show, that we can produce beautiful design but also useful and functional construction elements. We reduce material, waste, and the amount of processes. We follow the materials natural behaviour. This is why the beauty of FiDU is visual, but it also lies in its ultra-efficiency.
The foot bridge has a span of 6m and a net weight of only 174 kilograms. The span to weight ratio astonished even the enlisted ETH structural engineers. The expected 500 kg were easily supported during a professional stress test, and a top weight of 1850kg exceeded all expectations giving the FiDU bridge a 1:10 weight to load-bearing ratio. Thus, FiDU was positioned as a new player in the ultralight construction class. The main ingredients of the construction were there still: 1mm thick sheet metal and 0.4bar from the air compressor.The technology is suddenly as mobile as a simple air compressor.