We use our senses as a great metaphor. We use them to relate to our surroundings as well as other people.

The goal of the project is to invite users into a path in which the scenery is always changing.
You will get the sensation of always discovering different spaces, but that have the same characteristics. The five human senses are the main theme of the space; the materials and vegetation will be related to them. The user will not have an complete view of the site upon entering, instead, he will have to perform a series of experiences in order to discover it in its entirety. The variation of height and inclination, dimensional games are some of the playful peculiarities of the park.
We worked with landscape architects, and found an interesting relation between our points of view: while they found it difficult to design in more than 60 cm of height, we had a vision of a playful, undisciplined, and elegant space with different heights.
They were really helpful technically and we enjoyed the discussion about the contrast between artificial and natural spaces. Thicause. We love alternating between different spaces with different characteristics and the authenticity of this contrast. We designed a hybrid containing nature; an open living room.
Come, visit and enjoy SENSATIONAL PARK BY NABITO.