coodo - With the right lighting, small houses could be transformed into amazing living space,


Lampenwelt Professional delivers lighting concept and equips the innovative and mobile coodo tiny houses.

Short info:


LTG Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG | coodo
Provider of mobile housing units
German company based in Brandenburg


Lighting concept for coodo models
Adaptation to the design requirements and philosophy of coodo


Design and quality: through "High-Light" products from Molto Luce brand.
Feel-good ambience: thanks to light colour temperature 2700K - 3000K
Functional light in the smallest space with eye-catching effect


The Brandenburg-based manufacturing company Lofts to go pursues the idea of an innovative way of life that allows you to escape the city and be closer to nature, by creating a place for relaxation. This is how coodo was born - a company that has embraced the instant-build concept to create a new dimension of living space solutions. With so-called mobile tiny houses, it is possible to build non-stationary houses, on land and water without having to decide on a fixed place to live. Through modular design in the Nordic standard, individual living spaces of about 24–96sqm are created with a high demand on design and quality. Minimalism is re-thought here - because in addition to top insulation, high-quality glazing, electricity, heating and cooling, a kitchenette and bathroom are also provided.

In addition to the sustainable concept, special attention was paid to the natural light in the design. But since daylight is a finite commodity, it was necessary to develop a lighting concept that adapts to the style of the mobile units and serves the purpose of finding peace and relaxation. Values which, appropriately enough, are also part of the corporate philosophy.


Light serves as a natural clock in people's lives. When designing the artificial lighting, the availability of daylight in the room played a central role. Due to the open construction and fully glazed façade elements. Appealing and dynamic lighting design could be implemented here with a reduced and precise distribution of different types of luminaires.

After extensive discussions with coodo, three very different ideas were developed in the following conception phase. Attention was paid not only to variance in style, but also in budget. In order to better present the concepts, 3D representations were created to simulate the light distribution in the room. From discreet, futuristic luminaires that create a uniform lighting pattern, to linear, accentuated lighting via recessed spots. For the ceiling and furniture, for a homely, cozy atmosphere, to a solution that combines extraordinary design with technical features.

LTG Lofts to go decided to implement the third variant with the title: "The Recessed & the Pendant". Here, the lighting designers relied on a high diversity of luminaires with different technical lighting characteristics to create a pleasant yet attractive overall appearance. From pendant luminaires, such as the Trigga Loon Mini (Molto Luce), to the Ride Ring pendant luminaire (Molto Luce), which clearly functions as a highlight and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design and materiality. With a light colour temperature of 2700K-3000K, the lighting provides a cozy and homely atmosphere.


With the new lighting concept, lighting designers from Lampenwelt Professional gave coodo an impressive lighting ambience, which underlines the interior design and the futuristic exterior. In this way, it is possible to create a lot of living space in the tiny houses.

Quote from the client:

"The close bond between LTG Lofts to go and Lampenwelt is based on the common goal of launching a novel product that attracts and inspires people like fireworks."
Mark Dare Schmiedel of Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG