Pearls mint orange 30x40
Wild Thing Massai*
ID d'Architonic:
Parements-Carrelage mural

Description du produit

Exact size: 298 x 398 x 8 mm


African motifs reinterpreted to suit contemporary taste, are among current furnishing favourites. Authentic patterns and decorations in earthy and flowery tones can be perfectly combined with minimalist forms and objects of European architecture and interior design.
Inspired by traditional pearl jewellery from Africa, Wild Thing Massai represents a tile collection which matches African colours and customs.
Glass granulate in the typical African colours sprinkled on the top gives the tiles their unique character. Whether a discreet warm tone in Muscat gold or a dazzling colourful mint/orange tone – both colour combinations open up the path to a distant world full of adventures.
The striped overall decor in the dimensions of 30 x 40 cm can be used as a surface as well as a decorative stripe. The basic tiles with a conservative primed surface in a warm sand tone form the stage for the dazzling decorations. Borders in two dimensions for vertical and horizontal laying display various motifs which repeatedly take up the striped overall decor.
A fully striped listelli is the complementing design element. Wild Thing Massai emphasises cheerful atmospheric images which turn bathrooms into perfect oases of relaxation and vitality. The intensity and vividness of the design can be determined by using the listelli alone, accentuate using decorative tiles and combining vertical and horizontal laying.