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Go with the flow: Wilkhahn

Katharina Schwarze


With its fluid lines and perfectly interlocking parts, the AT office chair from WILKHAHN gives the impression its frame is a single, seamless element.

No more Mondays: Wilkhahn

Katharina Schwarze


WILKHAHN’s free-to-move office chairs create dynamic environments where employees have a range of options for breaking out of the typical workday patterns of sitting.

Don’t stop me now: the AT office chair from Wilkhahn

Katharina Schwarze


The ESP model, a new addition to WILKHAHN’s AT office-chair series, enables an uninterrupted workflow by promoting a seamless transition between sitting and standing at a height-adjustable desk.

Moving people

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


Designing better working environments with office chairs and conference furnishings is Bad Münder-based WILKHAHN’s core motivation, and seating that activates is becoming an increasingly important component of this.

Material Tendencies: Stefan Diez

Anita Hackethal


As both the industrial designer and trained cabinet-maker, Stefan Diez’s concern with objects is based more than anything on how they are made. His approach to design is guided by a desire to process material as constructively and intelligently as

Ideas in Motion

Alyn Griffiths


Six years ago, German office-furniture brand Wilkhahn launched its revolutionary ON chair, which applied kinematic principles to stimulate the body's core muscle groups and joints while seated at a desk. The company's new IN chair offers a more

Graphic precision

Simon Keane-Cowell


Wilkhahn has always focused on durability and permanence, and its new "Graph" conference programme is very much part of this tradition. With its innovative chair and accompanying table this German furniture manufacturer is restyling corporate

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„The Loft“, Wortmann



“The Loft”, the transformation of a warehouse into an office for 180 people.

Des tables à la personnalité affirmée: Avec Concentra et ...



Wilkhahn présente sur Orgatec deux gammes de tables jumelles. En réponse à l’évolution vers des espa¬ces tertiaires de plus en plus flexibles, elles privi-légient la polyvalence. Les nouvelles tables Conversa et Concentra (design : wiege)

Il collectionne les prix : le siège conférence Graph ...



Avec Graph, les designers Markus Jehs et Jürgen Laub ont conçu pour Wilkhahn une gamme de sièges inno­vants sur la forme et sur le fond. Elle décline des prin­cipes très ‘classiques’ sur un mode aussi statu­taire que novateur. Le

WILKHAHN: Designers Saturday 2011 in Oslo – Chassis meets ...



The German premium office furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn will present a milestone in design history at the Designers Saturday in Oslo: Chassis. The multi- purpose chair has been causing quite a stir due to its outstanding design and manufacturing.

Dreidimensionales Bewegungssitzen: 'ON', der neue ...



ON Experience:.Eine Weltneuheit. Ein Produkt, das erst in der Bewegung seine besonderen Qualitäten offenbart. Konzipiert von einem Unternehmen, das von Sydney bis New York, von Kopenhagen bis Dubai, von Madrid bis Berlin in den Metropolen der Welt

Office chair ON



After five years in development and with four decades of expertise in dynamic seating, office furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn is presenting its innovative, three-dimensional dynamic office chair concept.

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