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Emotions which are enduring

Strasser Thun


TAVOLARTE brings people together. The form and topic strengthen roots and provide support. May be changed with a basis that stays the same. Two oak plates engraved into the surface resemble the classic table cloth. The undersides which are light in


strasserthun works with a light

Strasser Thun


Considered the tool of the future, laser cutting and laser engraving of solid wood, veneer and other materials are available at strasserthun. Sawing, drilling and milling are also included in the company’s daily use. Strasserthun uses a specialised


The Materialists: strasserthun

Simon Keane-Cowell


Stick a pin in the middle of a map of Switzerland and the chances are you've landed near Thun, a small town that's home to a big player in terms of materials know-how. Long-established, high-end carpenters and fitters strasserthun invite architects,


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