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Seven types of drinks cabinet for hosting big nights in

James Wormald


From stretching summer evenings on a terrace to pre-dinner appetisers and post-dinner relaxation in the lounge, home bars simplify hosting duties and bring crafted collections closer to hand.

SUPERHOTEL by Giulio Cappellini



During SUPERDESIGN SHOW 2019, Giulio Cappellini presents his new project SUPERHOTEL

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Working the room: SICIS

Brand story

James Wormald


Italian manufacturer SICIS’s Rooms project offers a total spatial concept with its wide-ranging portfolio of exclusive surfaces and furniture. All from one hand.

Below the surface: SICIS

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


The Italian manufacturer SICIS revolutionised mosaic production by significantly simplifying the steps it takes to create a unique surface. With its expansion into the furniture and interior sector, the brand offers its customers a truly holistic

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