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Aesthetics in the bathroom

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


In the past, bathrooms were mostly used functionally. More recently, however, the image of this interior space has been changing. The bathroom is becoming an integral and important part of the house, similar to the kitchen. These new oases offer

Architects’ top brands



The most popular manufacturers in the bathroom, bathroom fittings, bathroom floors and surface areas.

Mosaic: small tiles go large

Alyn Griffiths


Around for thousands of years, mosaic ceramic tiles are experiencing an architectural renaissance internationally thanks to a rethinking of their functional and aesthetic potential.

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Glazed Expression

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


It’s ten years and counting for DesignTaleStudio, high-end Italian tile manufacturer CERAMICHE REFIN’s in-house research lab, which continues to push the boundaries of what’s technically and aesthetically possible in ceramics through its bold

Innovation technologique et <b>esprit ...



Après des années de collaborations avec les principaux acteurs du design et de l’architecture, DTS, DesignTaleStudio, le laboratoire d’expérimentation céramique Refin, a choisi de confier ce nouveau projet à une équipe de professionnels

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