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How to maximise residential space with built-in structures

Claire Brodka


Space-saving heroes of the interior universe, built-ins epitomise the fusion of practicality and style. But what are some of the ways to integrate them into residential projects? These examples boost storage while keeping an eye on aesthetic

Working with wood – ten examples of solid wood furniture

James Wormald


As a sustainable material, wood lasts a long time, it’s renewable and with amazing natural looks, it has a long-lasting impact too. Here are ten examples of products that use solid wood wisely.

Miniforms serves up the monolithic Plauto table

Dominic Lutyens


The fluid functionality of Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti's Plauto table for Miniforms takes sculptural inspiration from ancient monuments.

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Strong and pure: Miniforms’ Bice chair is all ears

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


With its organic, nature-inspired lines and contemporary graphics, the Bice chair from Italian furniture specialists Miniforms fits perfectly in a variety of spaces, where its characterful design packs a serious punch.

Miniforms’ Brulla chair seamlessly blends the past and ...

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


The pared-down Brulla by Miniforms reflects today’s craving for playful curves. It marries individuality and neutrality, rendering it suitable for all styles of interior.

Heart of glass: Soda from miniforms

Brand story

Jean-Christophe Camuset


Large-scale furniture made entirely of glass? Are you crazy? Welcome to the mad house – and to Soda, the latest product from Italian manufacturer MINIFORMS.

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