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Editor's Letter – April 2023

Simon Keane-Cowell


Back from Milan with learned lessons, refreshed relationships and no lost luggage.

Size and the modern trade fair: it's what you do with ...

Brand story

imm cologne


Physical trade fairs are getting smaller. But even with less square footage on show, can modern fairs still offer more? Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz gives his views on the future of the fair.

Why do we leave an office? Why do we come back to an office?

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


‘A contemporary workspace is not about designing a place. It's about translating the culture, the identity of a company,’ says Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz Group. Find out more in the video...

Software update: workplace textiles

Peter Smisek


How to make office spaces more inviting to workers used to the comforts of home? For increasing numbers of interior architects and designers, textiles provide a compelling answer.

Flooring Design Week: Overtime!

Simon Keane-Cowell


Get some bonus flooring insights from Jan Parth of David Chipperfield Architects, Peter Ippolito from Ippolito Fleitz Group and MACH Architektur’s David Marquardt.

Flooring Design Week: Ippolito Fleitz Group

Simon Keane-Cowell


‘A surface is always the last touchpoint of a proof of concept,’ says Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz Group. Watch now for more insight and commentary!

Flooring Design Week: Professional Insights

Simon Keane-Cowell


Jan Parth from David Chipperfield Architects, Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz Group, and MACH Architektur's David Marquardt share some thoughts on the ground beneath our feet.

On safe ground: Vorwerk Flooring

Brand story



For sure, carpets bring with them a broad range of health, wellness and comfort benefits but with VORWERK FLOORING, they also come with serious environmental credentials.

Red-carpet treatment: OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group

Brand story



OBJECT CARPET’s recent collaboration with multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group has led to expansive, unconventional and, more importantly, sustainable results.

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