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What makes a good desk light? Ten lamps with bright ...

James Wormald


Desks, whether in or out of office, in or out of hours, can be lonely places. When long, dark nights start to breach our working days, it’s good to have a desktop friend, to lighten the load.

Haworth: rework, repair, recycle, reuse

Emma Moore


With a myriad of 'r' words at its disposal, global office furniture brand Haworth has taken up the challenge of developing a 100% recycled and recyclable version of its Maari chair.

Haworth and healthy workspace design

Sisse Bro


Office furniture specialist Haworth embraces awareness, analysis and imagination in its quest to create workspaces that have a positive impact on our lives.

Optimised offices with Haworth's CoDesigner planning ...

Sisse Bro


While technology and a flexible, adaptable approach play key roles in Haworth's designs and office concepts, workers and their wellbeing remain front and centre.

Better workspaces for people and the environment

Sisse Bro


What are the factors to be considered when devising workspaces which benefit not only the people in them but the environment, too? Office specialist Haworth provides an answer...

Three is the magic number: Haworth

James Wormald


With its Work from Anywhere ecosystem, contract furnishing expert Haworth provides cogent solutions to the challenges posed by modern workplace scenarios.

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