À propos de HASSELL

Founded in Australia in 1938, HASSELL is a single, privately owned international network of design studios across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Each has the flexibility and autonomy to service local clients, and the advantages of access to our integrated culture, combined resources and collective experience.

A multidisciplinary design practice, HASSELL is structured around the key disciplines of architecture, interior design,

Articles de HASSELL

Creating an Urban Splash

Dominic Lutyens


Architects of urban projects are increasingly in thrall to water, believing it benefits them in a number of ways — from the aesthetic to the psychological. In one sense, when reflected in water, buildings look larger and more imposing. Yet


Field of Dreams: greening the urban landscape

Dominic Lutyens


Increased urban congestion. Climate change and sustainability. Urban regeneration. The reasons for the burgeoning movement in highly considered, integrated green spaces in towns and cities around the globe are as manifold as the forms they take.