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The most popular manufacturers in the bathroom, bathroom fittings, bathroom floors and surface areas.

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The demands on bathroom fittings are increasing both in terms of technical functionality and design. Ceadesign allows planners and architects maximum design freedom when it comes to their ideas

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Getting special treatment: CEAdesign

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Highly durable, scratch-resistant and ecologically responsible, CEAdesign’s special finishes bring a new visual dimension and more creative possibility to their stainless-steel fittings.

Steel the show: Abaco by CEAdesign

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Simplicity takes centre stage in CEAdesign founder and creative director Natalino Malasorti’s design for Abaco, a completely customisable, modular system that integrates all necessary bathroom technology into a single component.

The new nouveau: Lutezia by CEAdesign

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


First introduced as part of the restoration of Paris’s landmark Hotel Lutetia, Italian stainless-steel specialists CEAdesign's new Lutezia range of bathroom fittings pay homage to the Belle Epoque.

CEA Design



CEA is a manufacturing company specialized in stainless steel working applied to high-quality design products.