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First across the finish line: 3M

Harriet Thorpe


‘3M™ DI-NOC™ offers designers and facility managers a fast and affordable way to create stunning new spaces without being constrained by budget or construction time,’ says Paola Silva Coronel, Global Advisor for 3M. Find out more...

Measurably better: 3M

Harriet Thorpe


The 3M™ Sun Control Window Films Prestige Series from 3M protects against solar radiation, making buildings not only more environmentally friendly but bringing economical benefits, too.

The finish line: 3M

Harriet Thorpe


3M’s Architectural Finishes can be used to upgrade a broad range of surfaces, from furniture to interior and exterior walls, offering a simple, professional and robust alternative to costly renovations.

Raise your glass: 3M™ window films

Harriet Thorpe


Good for the environment, well-being and safety: 3M™ window films not only regulate the light and heat transmission of windows, they also help reduce costs and risk of injury.

Favourite film: Paola Silva Coronel for 3M

Harriet Thorpe


Milan-based architect and 3M global consultant Paola Silva Coronel explains how 3M foil technology can help make luxurious, large-scale, surface environments come to life – and within budget too.

Rose-tinted glasses: 3M

Harriet Thorpe


For total creative freedom in designing with glass, 3M has developed a diverse range of solutions for facades and interiors that change depending on light conditions.

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