A lightweight lamp with slender outline - a seductive and luminous body, innovatively shaped and timeless

Foscarini’s collaboration with Marc Sadler began ten years ago with Mite: a lamp that, despite its imposing size, was lightweight with slender outline; a seductive and luminous body, innovatively shaped, timeless, and winner of the 2001 Compasso d’Oro.

"Mite’s planning process, which we shared with Mark, took two years", state the company’s owners, Alessandro Vecchiato e Carlo Urbinati. "Marc filled page after page of sketches and notes. We created the most bizarrely shaped prototypes and experimented with the oddest materials but the answer didn’t exist – we were going to have to invent it". And that is how this contemporary material was born, a mix of fibreglass and carbon thread or Kevlar®, which acts both as ornament and supporting structure. The technology behind this project is the same used in the manufacture of golf clubs, but Foscarini was the first to use it in the lighting field.

As a celebration of these ten years of working, researching and experimenting together, which have produced many successful items, including Twiggy, See You and Tress, Foscarini has created a special edition of Mite. Mite Special Fusion: carbon and Kewlar® thread weave round each other in the same structure, uniting Mite’s two souls in an ever more elegant and versatile personality: the almost ethnic design combines with the severe stylishness of the carbon thread and the delicate touch of the Kevlar®. Marc Sadler’s signature sits beside the Foscarini logo on the base, symbolising the story of this truly extraordinary synergy.