The well known Italian modern furniture manufacturer ‘FORMER’ is back…….and in a Big way.

Since the company saw new ownership 4 years ago a lot of investments have been made in order to assure the company would be ready for what is to come.

After changing machines in the production facilities, instilling new, and intensified collaborations with designers such as Pinuccio Borgonovo, Roberto Lazzeroni, Ricardo Bello Dias, Francesco Bettoni, Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli, and Claesson Koivisto Rune, together with a complete overhaul of the DAY and NIGHT systems FORMER is a company which really has something special to offer.


The revisited version of the highly successful PLINTO program, PLINTO 1.6 offers extraordinary solutions for the living room.
Particularities such as the 90° rotated bookcases which when seen from the front look perfect however you fill them up, while incorporated LED light allow for a playful indirect light source. Shelves that pass through these bookcases ad an elegant dimension and allow for solutions that in terms of design add a new standard.

Base units with rotating TV panels either against the wall, or free standing show the extraordinary ability of FORMER to place strong technical emphasis on any product that comes out of the factory. The System also offers creative ways of creating sideboards.


FORMER’s reply to the traditional bookcases based on vertical sides comes in the form of SET SYSTEM which bases itself on horizontal paneling which takes away structural limitations in terms of height, and allow for designs that would not be possible with vertical based bookcases.

Standing or hanging against the wall, or free standing, SET SYSTEM offers the most diverse solutions, and can be completely personalized based on the clients necessities and taste. The use of complete or partial back panels in wood veneer, lacquer, lacquered glass, mirror or transparent glass complete the total look while adding structural stability to the system, while rotating TV panels add a finishing touch creating an object of desire.

APP (Architectural Partitioning Project)

With the wardrobe series APP FORMER offers a solution which is nothing short of a complete alternative to walls.

The APP wardrobes can be used in a traditional way against the wall, or free standing with paneling on the back which, supported by a strong steel frame, becomes a surface on which to create a walk in wardrobe or a composition for the living room with hanging units from PLINTO 1.6.

The APP system is further complemented by the possibility to create door passages which take you from one area to the other. Perfect for loft type situations where there is a lot of open space, and allowing for a flexible layout where it is possible to make changes just by moving the furniture around. The ARI central island offers a touch of excellence to even the most sophisticated clientele.

For more detailed information on the products, and download of the latest catalogues please consult the website.


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