Steel and enamel have always been classic materials in the bathroom. When these traditional materials are combined, however, an entirely new and modern interior is created. Delbrück-based Bette specialises in elegant, filigree and minimalist feel-good bathroom fittings and furnishings that combine both traditional quality and modern design.

Bette, a family-owned company that dates back more than 60 years, specialises in steel forming and enamelling. Manufacturing takes place exclusively in Germany at its base in Delbrück. The company’s range includes more than 600 different models of shower trays, bathtubs and washbasins in a variety of surface colours. The main focus is on bathroom furnishings and fittings made of titanium-refined steel and the finest enamel. Bette offers harmonious bathroom architecture in a uniform material, thus enabling a harmonious water experience.

During manufacturing, high-tech industrial production is combined with customised factory work, with more than half the products customised to meet customer requirements. The natural raw materials – glass, water and steel – are used to create products that with their TÜV-certified BetteGlaze glazing combine durability with sustainability in an exemplary manner. High stability and durability are coupled with a flawless, durable and hygienic surface. Since 2013, the environmental friendliness of the entire Bette range has been certified with an EPD.

With the BetteLux bathroom collection, Bette displays a new lightness in the bathroom, which is characterised by a filigree and graceful design language. The strictly geometrical external shape of the tub and washstand ensemble effortlessly dissolves in the soft surfaces of the inner body, with the tub edge just 8 mm thick. With Bette Lux Shape, the bathroom fittings and furnishings are inserted into a colour-accentuated open steel frame, so that the onlooker can see both their internal and external shape. BetteLux Shape is radical and reduced, excluding all superfluous details. As a result, the enamelled steel on the one hand appears very sculptural, and on the other, unusually soft and homely.

Bette has created an entire design line from this one idea: Besides bath tubs and washstands it also encompasses matching side furniture and accessories. The powder-coated supporting frames are available in six different accent colours, and the bathroom fittings and furnishings in black and white. Thus, every customer can customise their individual bathroom objects for themselves. The design comes from Tesseraux und Partner in Potsdam.

Text: Katja Reich
Photos: © Bette

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