Bar stool S 123 H: an elegant all-rounder

The British designer James Irvine has created a height-adjustable bar stool for Thonet, which impresses with its simple elegance. Its curved foot support is in line with the company's tubular steel tradition, which goes right back to the Bauhaus days. The seat can be oval or round, made of wood or upholstered, and in colour it can either be restrained or luminescent. This diversity of options makes the S 123 H an all-rounder for both private and public use.

Design: James Irvine, 2008

S 123 H | Novedades

Design: James Irvine, 2008


In the S 123 H the tubular steel frame stands on a round base plate. With the aid of a gas pressure spring the seat height can conveniently and steplessly regulated, and the foot support is adjusted to the ideal distance for the user at the same time. The seat is available either in a number of types of wood or in an upholstered version, with individual cover made from fabric or leather. As in all his designs for Thonet James Irvine has tried with the S 123 H to link the company's tradion with contemporary styles in a sensitive way. He himself describes his design in the following way: »I wanted to create a bar stool which would have an absolutely clean form. Depending on the form, material and colour of the seat the bar stool can have a wide range of different effects – and yet, and this is the decisive thing, it always remains an entirely typical Thonet product.«

Height: seat height steplessly adjustable by gas pressure spring from approx. 56.5 cm to 84 cm
Width: 40 cm (round seat), 42 cm (oval seat)
Depth: 40 cm
Frame finish: shiny or matt chrome
Seat cover: fabric from the Thonet textile collection or leather from the Thonet leather collection
Beachwood seat stained as per Thonet colour chart
Price: from CHF 670.-