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Wonderwall Studios Phoenix features in the New Hard Rock Hotel In Palm Springs

Wonderwall Studios delivered its signature project Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, USA. Charles Doell has his finger on the pulse of art and design that seriously rocks. Founder and principal of Oakland-based Mister Important Design, Doell spearheaded the design of new dreamy desert destination Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs.

Successfully infusing the glitz and glam of the music industry into every facet of the luxurious hospitality hot spot, including custom artisan Wonderwall Studios Phoenix wall panels, large-scale calligraphy murals, and nods to Grammy Award-winning artists, Doell created a stunning, unforgettable oasis that we can only surmise will stay at the #1 spot for a long time to come. The intricately crafted ceiling with unique designs in the restaurant bar and the artistic backdrop at the dining booths instantly draw your attention. The lighting is kept simple and minimal as the exclusive aura of the hotel transports you into the late ’70s and the early ’80s.

The hotel has 163 rooms and suites, a restaurant, “Rock Shop”, “Rock Spa”, lobby bar and a nightclub. The original hotel was built in the late 70′s and came complete with a sunken living room in the lobby. In keeping with the vibe of Palm Springs and mindful of the Coachella music and art festival, we sought to create a Hard Rock Hotel experience that dovetailed with those two dynamics. To that end memorabilia from younger artists as well as odd items from more established acts were selected, hence the “Fun” sign from the band Fun.
A perfect hangout for a great Saturday night in Palm Springs, this cleverly designed hotel is all about playing to the tune of ‘Hard Rock’ fans.

Collaborating artists-

Benoit Maubrey, Germany
We worked with Benoit Malbrauy to create the sound sculpture "Open Cube" of recycled speakers in the lobby . Benoit and his teamwired up 500 vintage speakers to interact with blue tooth, phone and dj inputs.

Timorous Beasties, Glascow.
We utilized patterns developed by this UK graphic powerhouse for the wall coverings and carpets.

Mr. Brainwash, Los Angeles
Thierry Guetta, AKA Mister Brainwash, known to most from the Bansky film "Exit through the Gift Shop" provided our entrance art as well as pieces located throughout.

Paige Parsons, S.F. Bay Area
Paige is a northern california photographer who specializes in indie festival photography. Her photos are featured in our Stair Gallery.

Jona Cerwinske, Miami
Jona came to our attention when we saw his hand drawn calligraphic sharpie treatment of a Lamborghini Gallardo. Jonas hand drawn calligraphic graffiti was used in the lobby, restaurant and pool.

Mister Important Design

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