This family house is located on the northern edge of a new neighborhood with panoramic views over the capital region and the Atlantic Ocean. The roof and walls are cloaked in a sheer copper sheath with minimal fenestration of the public façades. On the private garden side the volume of the house is cut away into a series of interconnected terraces with large sliding doors.

Entry is from the south at a mid level that also serves the garage, au-pair and family rooms. The bedrooms are located on the lower level whereas kitchen, dining and sitting rooms are all placed on the upper level to benefit from the magnificent sea views. The internal finishes are a simple pallet of black walnut, limestone and stainless steel in a series of white volumes.



Design team:

Studio Granda

Project partners:

Structure and services Engineers : Vidsjá
Electrical engineers : Verkfraedistofan Johanns Indridasonar

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