Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Resettles in Switzerland with his family

1980 – 1984
Trains as a superstructure draughtsman and attends vocational college in Zurich

1986 – 1991
Degree in industrial design at the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung Zurich; awarded the school’s Diploma Prize

Practical experience at Siemens in New York and at ProductDevelopment Roericht Ulm, Germany

First collaborative project with the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich; since 1988 designer and/or curator of numerous exhibitions at the museum

Launches career as freelance designer; IKEA Foundation grant for a project in the field of «Ecology in Draft Form», together with Martin Huwiler and Christophe Marchand

1993 – 1999
Projects for numerous international companies including Alias, Authentics, Edra, Eternit, Danese, Driade, Luceplan, Thonet, Wohnbedarf, Zanotta, either alone or in collaboration with Christophe Marchand

Awarded the Achievement Prize of the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung Zurich, together with Christophe Marchand

Marries Stefanie Bachmann

Son Luc born

Alfredo Häberli Design Development Atelier established. Currently involved in numerous projects, including assignments for Absolut Wodka, Alias, Asplund, Cappelini, Iittala, Leitner, Luceplan, Magis, Offecct, Rörstrand, Semplicitas, Trunz, Zanotta

Daughter Aline born

Furniture & Product Design
I finished my architecture studies, but meanwhile I had decided to become an artist and today I spend a good deal of my time working in the field of furniture and industrial design. What continues to intrigue me is that I can use my experiences, my daily life, my childhood, my observations and my thoughts in developing ideas and designs for products. I have become aware of how privileged I am to be able to make a living from the activity that I like best: designing.

Architecture & Interior Design
My uncle was an architect and he made a deep impression on me. I first studied architecture for four years before I decided to study design. Today architecture, building and their philosophy remain an important issue in my life. Often I have a chance to bring architecture projects to life. These are selected projects, small or middle-sized, but always something special.

My first important exhibition was a walk-in installation at the Museum of Design (Museum für Gestaltung), Zurich. Before that, there were some exhibitions with my drawings and paintings in cafes or in public rooms. Today, I am often asked to represent Switzerland as a designer in the international sphere. What always fascinates me is the opportunity to try something new and not repeat one's self.

I once had a girlfriend who lived in the Italian part of Switzerland and went to Italy every week. She used to bring me a copy of Domus magazine and sometimes she would put love notes to me in the classified ads. It was like a letter spread throughout the issue. About that time, the early 80s, I started having dreams about having an article published. But at that point, I had not even started to study design. Those dreams became today's reality.

As a child I didn't read very much. I didn't have many books either. Most of the time I spend outdoors, and as the exception in Argentina, I wasn't playing football. Today I am a book-lover. There is nothing more wonderful than making discoveries in a book: the weight, the smell, the feel of the paper. Earlier, I knew where to find each of my books, now I have to organize them alphabetically. And admit that I can only be a "little Einstein".