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We at Ruckstuhl have some understanding of the processing of regenerative natural fibres to make top quality carpets. The art of weaving - the creation of carpets and textiles from natural fibres - is one of the oldest cultural activities of the human race. Today the upgrading of Nature to yield culture goes by way of many different steps, from acquiring the fibres to the production of the yarn and the final

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Material Tendencies: Alfredo Häberli

Anita Hackethal


Born in Buenos Aires, industrial designer Alfredo Häberli found his home in Zürich, where he has been running his own studio for over 25 years.


Material Tendencies: Arik Levy

Anita Hackethal


Constantly creating, Paris-based designer and artist Arik Levy says that he ‘thinks with his heart and feels with his brain’.


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Patricia Urquiola and atelier oï for Edition Ruckstuhl 2013



Edition Ruckstuhl 2013 brings together the ideas of a number of internationally recognised designers. After an enthusiastic start at the last Designers' Saturday in Langenthal and the successful market launch of the designs of Hussein Chalayan or


Novartis Campus



Ruckstuhl is pleased to announce the successful usage of multiple Ruckstuhl carpets within the Novartis Campus in Basel, Switzerland


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