Cyrcus lavagna
Matt lavagna
in-es artdesign
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Lámparas de suspen...-Iluminación general
Lámparas de suspensi...-Objetos luminosos
Lámparas de suspe...-…de fibra de vidrio

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Pendant / E27 (max 70w power light
ø40x22,5 cm
Base: ø12x4,5 cm
Materials: laprene, nylon, nebulite, blackboard effect resin
IN-ES050030N-B (white)
IN-ES050030N-R (red)
IN-ES050030N-T (turquoise)
IN-ES050030N-A (orange
IN-ES050030N-O (gold)

Familia de producto


Matt is a true tribute to matter. The collection of lamps includes three lines, all entirely modeled by hand: Lavagna, Cemento and Nebula, made with profoundly diverse materials, yet similar in the capacity of sending out feelings of touch and atmosphere.

Cyrcus lavagna by in-es.artdesign has just won the "Interior Innovation Award 2014", a prestigious international recognition, assigned by the German Design Council.
Cyrcus lavagna it's every child's dream - a wall made for scribbling. But a blackboard lamp is an appealing idea for adults too.  It’s the perfect place for shopping lists, menus, recipes and notes.
Cyrcus lavagna has been created with the idea of evocating positive images, that belong to all of us, like the first day of school, the drawings on the school desk, the colored pencils. Its most appealing characteristic is the surface, made purposely to be written on and erased, exactly like a blackboard, lived day by day in a light and playful manner.

in-es.artdesign is a refined and sensitive interpreter of the lighting world, with a philosophy based on constant research, quality of design, choice of materials and craftsmanship of production. The brand develops eclectic collections in continuous change.