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The Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) was established in 1981 by Renzo Piano with offices in Genoa, Italy and Paris, France. The Workshop has since expanded and now also operates from New York.

The Workshop permanently employs about 100 architects together with a further 30 support staff including CAD operators, model makers, archivers, administrative and secretarial staff.

Our architects are of many nationalities

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The Mile-High Club

Klaus Leuschel


Ever since Norman Foster's game-changing Stansted Airport was completed almost 25 years ago, it's been full throttle for London's high-tech architects, with their aviation-celebrating terminals around the globe themselves been celebrated for their


Less is More: bigging up micro-architecture

Dominic Lutyens


Sustainability, cost-efficiency and space are just some of the factors driving an international renaissance in pocket-sized architecture that’s big on expression and style.


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