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What makes a good desk light? Ten lamps with bright ...

James Wormald


Desks, whether in or out of office, in or out of hours, can be lonely places. When long, dark nights start to breach our working days, it’s good to have a desktop friend, to lighten the load.

Five rules of great Scandinavian design

James Wormald


When bathed in constant light, Scandinavia is spoiled with beautiful scenery. When the sun goes away, however, attentions turn inside. Here’s how to recreate amazing Scandinavian home interiors.

No place like home: Normann Copenhagen

James Wormald


Danish design brand NORMANN COPENHAGEN is on a mission to manufacture furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories that deliver a feeling of familiarity and comfort, regardless of where they are installed.

Nice and easy: Hyg by Normann Copenhagen

James Wormald


Taking it easy is by no means a hardship when sitting in Simon Legald’s voluminous, cocoon-like Hyg chair and sofa for NORMANN COPENHAGEN.

Vision quest: Form by Normann Copenhagen

James Wormald


A clear vision, followed by a process of diligent trial and error, led to Simon Legald's Form Chair series for NORMANN COPENHAGEN.

More in Store: New Retail Architecture

Alyn Griffiths


With your heart's desire a click away, brick and mortar retailers are appealing to that which cannot be quenched online. Featuring texture, tech, colour and a whole lotta cool these recent retail projects are an ode to the senses.

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