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How to bring walls to life with three-dimensional solutions

James Wormald


Say sayonara to smooth painted walls and farewell to flat wallpaper; these are the latest ways to create striking feature walls that literally impose themselves onto interior environments.

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Reinterpreting an ancient craft: miniature ceramic tiles ...

Historia de la marca

Harriet Thorpe


Rescuing tradition while adapting to contemporary demands, the small-sized ceramic tiles that comprise Marca Corona’s new ‘Miniature’ line are characterised by their durability, versatility and timeless style.

Celebrating nature with Marca Corona

Historia de la marca

Emma Moore


With its new tiles, the Italian ceramic manufacturer introduces products that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, helping to bring the soothing effect of nature indoors at little cost to our shared planet.

Marca Corona’s decorative tiles stimulate the imagination

Historia de la marca

Dominic Lutyens


Marca Corona draws on two centuries of expertise and cutting-edge technology to produce decorative ceramic tiles, covering walls and floors to truly immersive effect.

Striking the right tone: Marca Corona

Historia de la marca

Harriet Thorpe


It’s no exaggeration to say that colour, just like a piece of music, can speak to us in a profound way, and with Italian ceramic tile manufacturer MARCA CORONA’s new collections, the planning possibilities are symphonic.

Ceramic Cinema: Marca Corona's #PROJECTEMOTION

Historia de la marca

James Wormald


Joined by a shared passion for design and innovative surfaces, MARCA CORONA has teamed up with a handful of architects and designers to create the innovative and passionate #ProjecteMotion video series on outstanding architectural projects.

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