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Kristalia was founded in 1994 by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz. At present, Kristalia srl is composed of and led by people who are motivated and highly involved in the development plans. Strategies analysed by the owners are implemented only after they are presented to the entire staff. This constant search for a team spirit, a spirit in which to take as many challenges as possible, creates enthusiasm

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Kristalia furnishes the offices of the Triennale Design ...



Kristalia has furnished the new offices of the Triennale Design Museum with its own collection of products distinguished for an essential temper, a well-defined style, its ease of positioning and the quality of all the details. The contract catalogue


Kristalia in Paris



Kristalia has taken part for the first time in Now!Design à vivre in Paris from 23-27th January where they showed the following news.


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