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Dauphin solves seating problems. Throughout the world, our name is synonymous with patented innovation and ergonomic seating.

Our company philosophy focuses on people.
To be precise, people who sit, so-called “homo sedens”. Whether you are large or small, work in an office or at home, or require chairs for conference rooms or reception areas, the key principle behind Dauphin’s HumanDesign® philosophy is to provide optimum seating

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Show Business: Dauphin's new London office

Alyn Griffiths


In its staging of inspiring work environments, premium office-furniture manufacturer DAUPHIN HumanDesign Group's new London office speaks directly to architects, designers and other professionals.


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The successful sport sector is a true pioneer in its field, using innovative technology to create lightweight, perfect fitting sport shoes. With their groundbreaking design, intricate construction and high-tech fibres, they promise to open up totally


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