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Can you feel it? Cleaf by Egger

Historia de la marca

Mareile Morawietz


With the shared goal of creating new and innovative surface solutions for architects, Tirol-based wood expert Egger joined forces with Italian surface specialist Cleaf. What happened next? Read on to find out.

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Enter Cleaf’s Shaping Surfaces 2021 competition

Historia de la marca

Sisse Bro


The Shaping Surfaces competition invites architects and interior designers to get creative with Cleaf’s surfaces while also starting a discussion about the design of interior spaces.

The Skin Trade: Cleaf

Historia de la marca

Simon Keane-Cowell


There’s a lot to be said for being superficial. CLEAF, the design-meets-technology surfaces manufacturer, has turned it into a veritable artform, as only the Italians know how.

The Four Elements



Cleaf unveils the new CCube exposition concept designed by Studiopepe.

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