Sobre Baccarat

Sublime Baccarat Crystal!

Baccarat is a wildly contemporary lifestyle that not only glorifies beauty but takes it to excess. It’s a continuous fantasy, a poetic and
sensual experience that sparkles on the skin, around a table or transforms space with its light!

Where does the Baccarat crystal’s luster come from? The air blown into the glass, the fire, telluric elements and love! Nothing has changed, or very little,

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Material Tendencies: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Anita Hackethal


Originally educated as a sculptor, French Furniture and Interior Designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance wants to connect people with their environments through his designs.


Material Tendencies: Jaime Hayon

Anita Hackethal


Jaime Hayon likes to tell stories. Decorative and playful, but in a subtle way, his work reflects his curiosity and joy, informed by an approach that might be described as somewhat whimsical.


Material Tendencies: Michele de Lucchi

Anita Hackethal


The work of Italian architect and designer Michele de Lucchi reflects his enquiring mind and breadth of interest. His portfolio includes a number of private and public projects in the fields of architecture, technology, design and crafts.


Material Tendencies: Philippe Starck

Anita Hackethal


Rather than trying to create beautiful objects, the French designer and architect considers it his duty to invent things that make life better for the largest number of people possible. He believes that the existence of an object is only justified


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