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The acousticpearls brand stands for timeless, traditional design with unique solutions that combine high effectiveness in acoustics with unparalleled variety for designing applications. The products are an expression of our command of architectural design and spatial concepts as well as our passion for color and color combinations.

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acousticpearls is an international design company

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The Sweetest Sound: acousticpearls

Simon Keane-Cowell


Armed with insight and aesthetic sensibility, the German manufacturer ACOUSTICPEARLS has been fighting for almost 10 years against the noise pollution of interior spaces. Their weapons: premium acoustic panel systems that are as beautiful as they are


acousticpearls: perceptions of space

Katharina Sommer


The Bremen firm ACOUSTICPEARLS beautifies spaces not only visually, but also acoustically.


Invent the open space! ARCHITECTS open space acoustic system

acousticpearls GmbH


ARCHITECTS is an innovative acoustic panel system by acousticpearls that provides an optimal means to partition large spaces conveniently and help reshape the acoustics of workspaces.


acousticpearls ARCHITECTS – open space acoustic system: ...

acousticpearls GmbH


The ARCHITECTS system is an innovative acoustic panel system that can be used to partition large spaces conveniently and help redefine workspaces. The system offers a means to uniquely combine structure and tranquility, without losing the transparent


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