Coupé seating unit
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Description: Seat Fibre glass-reinforced polyester, Cushion black leather Back Fibre glass-reinforced polyester Cushion black leather Frame Metal tube Four feet Annie Tribél-Heinz has only designed one, albeit highly outstanding product for Wilkhahn. In 1968 she developed the “Coupé”, the inviting seating used at the Théatre de la Ville in Paris. The futuristic sitting shell accommodates up to four persons. The seating units fitted perfectly into existing alcoves and included lighting with electric rotary switches for varying lighting levels and for a telephone. Only ten of these seating units were produced. The manufacturing procedure required too many manual steps, production was too time-consuming and was discontinued after a short time for cost reasons. One specimen today features in the collection of the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. Dimensions: Height 190 cm Length 204 cm Width 135 cm Production period: 1968