Terms and Conditions

I) General terms of business for the use of the website www.architonic.com and Architonic applications Architonic AG, Version 04/2015

1. Area of application

As a user of the website www.architonic.com and of all the websites and internet services (Applications, Newsletter, downloads, links) of Architonic AG connected with it, you recognise the following general terms and conditions (“GTC for online use“) and the warranty and liability restrictions which are defined below. Architonic AG expressly reserves the right, without prior notice, to modify, supplement, or delete parts of the web pages or the entire service, or to close down the domain. In particular Architonic has the right to amend these GTC for online use at any time. These GTC for online use should be read through again from time to time.

If any individual formulations of these terms of business for online use do not comply, no longer comply or do not comply fully with the applicable legal regulations, this will not affect the contents or validity of the remaining parts
of these terms of business. These general terms of business are originally in German and have been translated to other languages for informative purposes only. In case of any divergences in meaning, solely the German version is legally applicable.

2. Information on www.architonic.com and use of the website and Architonic applications

At www.architonic.com Architonic AG provides an information platform for architects, planners, specialist retailers, agencies and consumers. Architonic AG’s service is divided into sections: Product Library, Materials & Constructions, Design Collector and News & Trends. The Product Library is a search structure. It enables users to search for high-quality products from the premium segment in accordance with varying search criteria. The products which are shown are selected by the Architonic team. The selection does not claim to be exhaustive and is oriented towards the interests of the targeted groups. Architonic AG does not guarantee that the internet service will be available online at all times. This applies in particular to interference, interruptions or the possible breakdown of the internet site.

As a user you recognise that the contents of the website www.architonic.com and all the websites and internet services connected with it, in particular text, pictorial, video and sound material of all kinds, as well as the names of manufacturers, designers, auction houses and architects are protected under copyright, patent, trademark, branding, design, company, industrial property and/or other legal protection. It is not permitted to users, neither for their own nor for outside commercial purposes, to copy, exploit, distribute or publish any part of the contents of www.architonic.com and of all the websites and internet services connected with it or to use such contents for other purposes. In particular it is forbidden to change or remove logos, brand names, product or design names, references to copyright or other details from the contents.

The website www.architonic.com and all the websites and internet services connected with it contain non-binding information which is in no respect part of a business relationship. Architonic AG regards the website www.architonic.com merely as a database containing a selection of manufacturers and products. Professional advice and reliable information must always be obtained from the respective manufacturer or specialist retailer. Any references to products and services, together with outside textual contributions, are prepared carefully in order to provide our users with valuable information. Where the contents and data are derived from third parties, Architonic AG takes all the usual steps in order to make sure that the information is correct and up to date. However, if any information is found to be incorrect users are requested to inform Architonic AG without delay.

3. Warranty and liability restrictions

Architonic AG accepts no liability and provides no warranty of any kind for any damage which may result from the use of the website www.architonic.com and all the websites and internet services connected with it.

This applies particularly to the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the content and data, the download and use of files contained on the site and links to websites of third parties and for the correct functioning of such links. This also applies where the links are provided with comments. When including links to third-party websites Architonic AG takes all reasonable care to ensure that such sites do not contain illegal contents at the time the link is created. Architonic AG has no influence on the further
development of these websites and hereby distances itself from any possible illegal content.

No liability is accepted particularly for any direct and indirect damage, for any loss of profit, failure of performance of any kind on the part of the internet, misuse by third parties or loss of programmes or other data in the user's information systems.

4. Datenschutz

5. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The use of the www.architonic.com website and all the websites and internet services connected with it is subject exclusively to the substantive law of Switzerland. The sole place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the use of the www.architonic.com website and of all the websites and internet services connected with it is Zurich, Switzerland.