It’s time to take back control. SECTO DESIGN makes a stand against illegal design copies.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


When it comes to innovation in business, there’s an expression that goes “Please, let me be second” – the idea being that the me-too agents who arrive late to the party have the benefit of all the hard work already having been done. They can concentrate on refining someone else’s innovative idea.

In the case of Secto Design’s distinctive lighting collection, there are certainly imitators – or let’s call them by their real name: pirates – yet nothing that even comes close to the Finnish craftsmanship and sheer material quality of the original designs.

Secto Design takes illegal design copying extremely seriously. It has never shied away from protecting its intellectual property, with relatively simple measures like special hologram stickers just one part of its commitment to see off the fakes. The manufacturer has, unfortunately, been required to conduct long and often expensive legal actions, as well as cooperate with various authorities in different countries.

Hyper-vigilance on the part of the brand and a consistent and robust offensive position is the only way to stop the onslaught of faked merchandise. The global flow of goods generally has, sadly, brought with it the flow of copies – aided in no small part by the rise of e-commerce. Yet, Secto Design is ever-ready to take action where necessary to call out the counterfeits.

It’s not easy for consumers, of course. They more often than not order products in good faith, but can be mislead, especially when purchasing online. If it seems like too much of a bargain, it generally is. Only a genuine Secto Design article bears the hologram sticker of authenticity.

Ultimately, we all know that you get what you pay for. But if it’s a copy, you’re not only getting an inferior and potentially dangerous product, you’re also supporting theft and possibly organised crime.

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