Kitchen Unit Modules. Modules are combined with a custom-fit countertop to form a single unit. Handcrafted cabinets and shelves using industrial design made of steel.

Handmade from dark steel. Available in an authentic steel look or in pure white or a color of your choice. These compact Authentic Kitchen Furniture modules can be combined to form kitchen units fit for a wide range of needs and spaces.

For offices and coworking arrangements, studios and showrooms. From tiny café kitchens to fully-equipped office kitchens. Authentic Kitchen Furniture modules let you create unique and personal spaces capable of enhancing any work environment.

Their relaxed industrial design looks great in domestic settings as well. The combination of indestructible kitchen pieces and a simple and practical modular design makes Authentic Kitchen Furniture an ideal choice for lasting and flexible home kitchens. The modules can be reused as often as you like without any loss in quality.

Consultation/sales available through the Authentic Kitchen Showroom in Berlin or through our retail partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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