The reduced design of the ViVAA LED room lighting focuses on its pleasant, soft light. The high indirect component brightens corridors, entryways and rest areas in a friendly and welcoming light.

As a pioneer in the area of biodynamic lighting, Waldmann sets new accents with the round ViVAA from its product brand Derungs and offers the luminaire optionally with the award-winning Visual Timing Light. This light management system gently supports the natural rhythm of people by changing light color and intensity automatically. It stimulates a bright, restful light and lighting which also naturally stimulates rest and activity phases.

Depending upon the room height, one can choose between a hanging or a mounted version. Two different diameters (400 and 600 mm) as well as various color and pattern variations of the stainless steel housing perfectly round out the creative possibilities. The combination of a light-amplifying microprism cover and premium LED's offers an attractive, economical lighting solution.


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