Over the centuries finespun cotton towels have proven themselves in the Arabian bathing culture. Especially in Tunisia the colorful towels are essential to everyday life. But also western bathrooms are lately welcoming the simple, stylish and multifunctional Arabian alternative.

fouta founder Sarra Ganouchi, a designer of Swiss and Tunisian heritage, effortlessly combines western values with Arabian tradition. fouta was founded as a longterm social and cultural project that wants to promote a fair and sustainable consumer behaviour, as well as, contribute to an intercultural exchange between the two countries.

Design is the key.

In fact, only if something is loved, kept and used over the long-run can it really be called sustainable. fouta combines colorful Arabian culture, tradition and experience with simple and functional western design aesthetics to create a timeless, diverse, and long-lasting everyday product of high quality and style.

fouta cotton towels are specially designed for everyday use in your bathroom. They save space and dry significantly faster than conventional bath towels. Seasonal colors complement the classic and consistent base colors. The new, smaller fouta Petite towels now allow you to style the bathroom entirely with fouta.

All fouta towels are made from high-quality 100% G.O.T.S certified organic cotton, which makes them extremely skin compatible and suitable for children. The easy-care towels can be washed with up to 60° Celsius, which makes them perfect for everyday use. Their true quality develops over time. Frequent washing supports their absorbency.

fouta produces exclusively in small scale Tunisian businesses. This will ensure, that workspaces are maintained and helps to preserve Tunisian craftsmanship. The towels undergo quality control in social workshops and institutions in Switzerland. All workers involved in the production process profit from it - from the cotton farmers to the weavers to the workers in social institutions.

The fouta product range consists of three lines: the large-format fouta Classique, the smaller fouta Petite and the all-purpose towels of the Upcycling line.

fouta — everyday towels made to last 
designed in switzerland — made in tunisia
with respect for people, culture and environment 


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