Zeritalia is the only company in Europe to offer products in tempered bent glass for customer safety. Founded in 1991 by the industrial group CURVET (Gruppo Industriale Curvet) which for the last twenty years has been committed to investing in technological research and development, so as to guarantee superior customer safety with respect to that which is on offer from our leading competitors in this field.

It is in fact the only company in Europe to use horizontal systems for bending and tempering glass so that it need use neither tongs nor moulds, thus guaranteeing an ever perfect quality product.
This means that Zeritalia has been able to free its designers from the technological restrictions normally imposed on their creativity, and it has introduced concepts so innovative that they are exhibited both in the highest quality sales outlets and in contemporary art museums the whole world over. Where technology cannot provide the answer Zeritalia resorts to manual craftsmanship, with skilled interventions to ensure unique and inimitable products.

Ever liberating new modes of expression, Zeritalia leads in presenting bent glass combined with materials such as wood and metal, thus creating breath-taking and highly original solutions for every living space.