YDOL – the brand of silence

The brand

YDOL is among the leading companies in acoustic interior design for major projects. The company, which is headquartered in Heringen in the German region of Hessen, specialises in developing and producing – both acoustically and aesthetically - high-end sound absorbers. An expert team of acousticians, architects and product designers develops tailor-made all-in-one solutions to optimize the acoustics of a room. YDOL acoustic elements, which are entirely produced in Germany, are used in projects planned by internationally renowned architectsworldwide.

The product

RELAX is an excellent system of highly efficient sound absorbers developed by YDOL. With the help of detailed sound analyses, the required amount and ideal positioning of RELAX absorbers are calculated and the absorbers are expertly installed.
In addition to their perfect acoustic performance, RELAX elements stand out because of their modular configurability: a large variety of combination possibilities based on exquisite material and colour collections promote an individual interior design. The latest printing technologies enable customizing according to the client’s corporate design. The high level of expertise brought by the YDOL interdisciplinary team guarantees the optimum acoustical agenda for any project – from their analysis to their conception and installation.