VOLIMEA. Like a cultivated spirit. It’s in the room but doesn’t force itself upon you. It doesn’t need to have an audible dialog to be noticed. A wall coating that is almost invisible in its restraint, but has a positive influence on its inhabitants and is dynamic enough to confidently shape the ambience of a space with its powerfully accented colors. It does not conform to one specific style. Your idea dictates the expression and the ambience.

VOLIMEA is not just color and structure for the wall. Moisture-adjusting and breathable, it consists of purely herbal and mineral ingredients to ensure a healthy, modern indoor environment. VOLIMEA creates durable, natural and authentic wall designs whose surfaces always have that little sense of flair. The people who see them will discover new details on a daily basis and always be aware of the fact that they possess something real, something that cannot be reproduced, something unique.