Water. It’s our morning wake-up call. A life-giving ingredient. The purest of beauty treatments. An invitation to play. A deeply calming way to relax. The VOLA range makes these everyday activities a real pleasure.

With its sleek, sculptured lines and perfect proportions, VOLA, conceived more than 40 years ago, is still recognized today as one of the worlds leading design icons.
VOLA technology and manufacturing is just as unique, delivering unrivalled levels of quality, reliability and durability.

This is not a tap.
It’s a piece of design history.

Although designed during the 1960’s, these taps remain unchanged from Arne Jacobsen’s original concept establishing VOLA as the much sought-after design you see today. Although new products have been added to the range, VOLA still stands for timeless design, created by the best designers

Our story
…. it’s the story of how architect Arne Jacobsen and manufacturer Verner Overgaard joined forces to create something original, beautiful and timeless.

Arne Jacobsen and Verner Overgaard

An uncompromising vision

During the 1950s and 60s, leading Danish architect Arne Jacobsen epitomized Danish Modern style by blending elegant functionalism with organic forms. Listed amongst many of Europe’s influential buildings are Jacobsen’s St. Catherine’s College, Oxford and the National Bank of Denmark.

However, his vision did not end with the completion of a building. He often designed every element of its furniture and fittings in order to achieve a totally integrated space – classical in its sense of proportion and attention to detail, but appropriate to the modern world. Many of Jacobsen's furniture designs, including the Ant chair from 1952 and the Egg chair designed for the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, are regarded as classics.

Partners in design

Verner Overgaard, owner of long-established and innovative manufacturer VOLA, was looking for a designer who could realize his idea for a revolutionary new product: a tap with a wall-mounted mixer where mechanical parts are concealed within the wall, leaving only the handle and spout visible.

When Arne Jacobsen came to his attention through his award-winning Bank of Denmark project, Overgaard knew he’d found a partner as committed to modernist form and function as himself. For his part, Jacobsen immediately saw the new product’s potential and its relevance to his own design ethic.

HV1E - Mixer with on-off sensor for “hands-free” operation

International recognition

The VOLA taps first went into production in 1968. They won international acclaim and design awards from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Kunstgewerbemuseum Cologne and the Cincinatti Art Museum, among others.

A modern classic

Of course, life style and technology move on. In more than 35 years of production, technical specifications have changed dramatically, new materials and new products have been added to embrace innovation and meet changing needs. But VOLAhas stood the test of time, and remains one of the most sought-after ranges worldwide.

Individual design solutions

The VOLA range is built on a modular system comprising valves, handles, outlets, finishing plates and accessories. These components can be used in an infinite number of ways to meet any requirement and create unique design solutions that adapts perfectly to your home and lifestyle.
Great design never loses its integrity. These are investment pieces, with the power to transform a living space: today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

15 Colours


The VOLA range, engineered from the highest grades of solid brass, gunmetal and stainless steel, guarantees exceptional quality, performance and durability. A choice of 19 stunning, high quality finishes are available ranging from brushed stainless steel, polished or brushed chrome, natural brass to 15 rich colours.

Each stage of the production process from inspection of the raw material, through to the finished tap, is subject to our strict quality control system.

The quality of VOLA