Variér® is a relatively young Scandinavian company that was established in the summer of 2006. The products which are today known as Variér® products once lived an anonymous life in a large corporation. The rights to the products, and the people behind them, were acquired by a group who believed strongly that these were the products of the future. Since that time the company has undertaken a fantastic journey, where the history and philosophy behind the products have received more attention, and new products are continuously being added. This means that today you can buy Varier products in 36 different countries across the world.

Variér's success is all about The Human Idea – the concept of merging knowledge of what is good for the human body with an aesthetically beautiful form and good design. Variér's definition of The Human Idea is as follows:

We make the human body central to design, learing it by heart. We know which positions promote relaxation and where and how to support the body. The human body is designed for motion, and should never be still for too long. We make chairs that meet all these needs, and then we free our human imaginations to create bold, unconvential forms with perfect functionality.