Tramo was started in the 70’s as one of the most avantgarde companies that introduced contemporary design in Spain. Tramo designed and marketed all kind of home products, from auxiliary furniture to chairs, lights or shelving systems.

Since 1999 Tramo is part of Grupo T Diffusion, S.A. together with Vibia and it has been progressively specializing in products for work spaces such as shelving systems and furniture.

Faithful to its original philosophy, Tramo, through its range, shows us a new personal way to dress working spaces. Its products’ design can be combined in many ways to meet the need of any professional, regardless of his/her kind of business. Quality pieces for a new way to personalize work spaces in an extremely functional manner through integrated and contemporary design.

Tramo advocates for an integral care of spaces. It promotes flexibility, creativity, productivity, communication, balance between space and people. It believes in “humanized” offices where people make the space where they develop their capability their own. It aims at making professionals live better in a more personal space. Such space has to transmit his/her personality, the company’s way of being, interior aesthatics being its business card.

Tramo cooperates with ten different design teams. Synergies are shared with Vibia thus allowing the creation of a strong presence with prescriptors and the development of an internationalization process.