TABISSO, today’s furniture for Contract and hospitality.

Focusing on high-end products, TABISSO develops innovative furniture solutions for the pro- fessional markets. The ambition is to develop collections which spark curiosity, stir emotions, drive creativity.

Driven since 2010 from Saint Nazaire (France) by two partners, the company TABISSO finds its roots in South Africa. It was after an exciting experience teaching alphabet in a township off Johannesburg that the concept of typographic furniture came to life – the idea for the first collection Typographia was born, together with the foundation of TABISSO. The very name of the company was inspired by one of the kids called THABISO.

Beyond mere products, TABISSO aims at offering modular solutions with broad possibilities of customization, allowing to match closely to the needs of a specific location, helping trans- cend the atmosphere for unique projects. Case in point, the Typographia collection offers very diverse solutions thanks to the underlying communication concept, which then immedi- ately implies a message, a tone, a posture which all go beyond the objects. TABISSO invites users to make collection concepts their own for their unique applications.

All products are manufactured in France on the west coast, where the company is based. A true regional know-how in higher-end interiors strongly supports the Made in France strate- gy – indeed, close relationships and deep partnerships guarantee quality and reactivity for all projects.

Environmental aspects are central in the development and manufacturing of the collections, taking into account the full life-cycle of the objects produced – wood is certified, recyclable materials are always preferred, products are kept simple in order to help maintenance and to facilitate final disassembly and sorting.

TABISSO doesn’t forget its origin and supports education charity projects via its program called SpringofEducation©.

Companies of the likes of Orange, Bosh-Siemens or NBC Studios in Los Angles were con- quered by the typo furniture concept, eager to make strong statements on their corporate identities right in their lobby. In other realms, it also convinced for hospitality and commer- cial projects, and even in the show business with American singer Cee-Lo Green and motor- sport champion Valentino Rossi.

After the success of the collections Typographia and Unita, TABISSO launches Ciel!, a new line of high-end chairs designed by French star Noé Duchaufour Lawrance for the Contract and hospitality markets.

Cultivating awe, bringing elements of well-being, enabling emotions – this in short is what TABISSO strives to achieve.